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Minimalism with kids.

Children and Minimalism, Yes its possible and I’m going to explain how. 

When I first started my journey, I had so much stuff. My eldest had bags of toys and clothes that didnt fit him anymore just hiding away in the cupboard. Cleaning his bedroom was honestly a nightmare for me. I new I had to get rid of a lot of stuff and I dreaded even the thought of it. 

One day I decided I’d had enough and I began my journey towards a minimal lifestyle. Yes, it was a fairly easy swap for me but how did I get my child on board and how do I maintain this lifestyle now with two children.

My eldest made the transition really well. I was actually impressed by how easily he was able to part with his belongings. Even now he still has no trouble throwing away toys or clothes.  

There are a few things that really helped me, I dont want to say *convince* my child but thats basically what it was. I rounded up a bag full of old toys and I told him if we throw out this bag then I will replace it with a new toy. I knew it wouldn’t be hard for him to do becasue he didnt have a favourite toy or any real connection with those things. Once everything was gone I told him that in the future for every new toy he wants, two old toys must go. 

Now, roughly 2 years later, we have accumulated a little more than I’d like but we have gained another person, so thats bound to happen. 

I find that with a minimal lifestyle I have more time to spend doing the things I love with the people I love and I’m spending far less time cleaning. 

So here are my tips on Minimalism with kids! 

  1.  Be patient! Not all children will throw away their toys as easily as mine did. If you want the experience to be stress free then I would recommend teaching them from a young age that materialistic things have no real value and not to set their sights on the things from this world. 
  2. Be consistent! If you want to make this work you will have to be consistent in the rules you set in your home, concerning what you consider worthy of keeping and what you consider to be rubbish.This doesnt mean you have to approach it like you would a military operation but you do need to set and stick to a few ground rules if you want to succeed.
  3. Be realistic! This last one is the most important. If your able to be realistic about the goals your setting and the lifestyle you want your children to live, You are more likely to achieve them. 
  4. Have fun with it! Teach your kids to enjoy the process and let them see you enjoying it. Remember monkey see, money do! 

    Colossians 3:2King James Version

    Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.



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