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The ultimate dreamy bedroom. 

Nothing feels better than climbing into bed after a long day and instantly feeling calm and relaxed and ready to dream the night away. This kind of relaxation involves more than just being tired and needing sleep, it’s allowing all of your senses to unwind after the day and to do this, I have a few tips that have really helped me. 

Creating a relaxing sleeping environment starts with you. Your personal taste, what colours and patterns make you feel calm and don’t over stimulate your brain. For me it’s white. Nothing calms me like fresh white linen, a few plants, a soft night light and a clutter free space. I am guilty of leaving clothes baskets literally anywhere, Full of clothes I haven’t folded yet. So I started there and now I make sure I put away anything that will keep me awake. 

So, here is my list of things you can do to help create the ultimate dreamy bedroom you’ll actually want to sleep in. 

  1. As I said before, it all starts with choosing a colour palette that helps you unwind. You don’t want anything that’s going to draw your attention to it as this will most likely keep you awake. 
  2. De-Clutter! Remove anything that is overly stimulating. Anything that annoys you or you consider to be a distraction. This could be an ugly vase you kept because someone gave it you or it might be a painting you love but it does the opposite of calm your senses. 
  3. Decor! I love decorating. Especially the bedroom. I feel like it’s the one place in a home that is closest to your character. It’s the ultimate reflection of who you are. It’s your personal space so accessorise to suite your style, keeping in mind that every piece should bring an element of relaxation to your space. 
  4. Less is more! It really is. To much stuff and your eyes won’t know where to look so your brain will literally be absorbing way to much activity. Simplify and keep things to the bare minimum if you can. If having lots of things around you is soothing for you then just tailor it to suit your needs. It’s all about what relaxes you so it’s going to be different for every person. 
  5. This last one is optional. I am yet to do this myself but I decided it was worthy of a spot because I actually really want to do this. I am my most relaxed when I’m listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, The sound of heavy rain hitting a tin roof and the silent noise of the rainforest. These sounds instantly calm me. I’ve been wanting to get These sounds on cd to play while I sleep. I don’t live on the beach so I only get to experience this when we are on holiday so to be able to fall asleep listening to the ocean every night would be amazing. 

It’s all about creating a space to suit you. An environment that makes you happy, relaxed and comfortable. Getting a good sleep at night is key to having a productive day so it all starts in the bedroom! 

So what soothes your soul?.. 


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