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Parenting 101: Less attitude, Less stress!

Lately I have been addicted to reading peoples posts on Pinterest. I get lost in a whirlwind of information that is actually relevant to my life and how I raise my children. I have a very laid-back approach to parenting which doesn’t always work in my favour as my eldest (6 going on 17) really… Continue reading Parenting 101: Less attitude, Less stress!

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Minimalism with kids.

Children and Minimalism, Yes its possible and I’m going to explain how.  When I first started my journey, I had so much stuff. My eldest had bags of toys and clothes that didnt fit him anymore just hiding away in the cupboard. Cleaning his bedroom was honestly a nightmare for me. I new I had… Continue reading Minimalism with kids.

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Free Proverbs Printable’s

Hi guys, Just wanted to share these images I have made, just save and print. It’s that easy! Enjoy! x  Thanks to Angie Makes  for these gorgeous watercolour flowers. Click on the link above to download them for yourself. They are free for personal use to 🙂 Yay! x Hope you like them 🙂 enjoy!… Continue reading Free Proverbs Printable’s

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The ultimate dreamy bedroom. 

Nothing feels better than climbing into bed after a long day and instantly feeling calm and relaxed and ready to dream the night away. This kind of relaxation involves more than just being tired and needing sleep, it’s allowing all of your senses to unwind after the day and to do this, I have a… Continue reading The ultimate dreamy bedroom.